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As we age, our faces are more likely to develop wrinkles. Don't sit back and settle for their pesky presence. At Sheer Beauty Medical Skin Care™ in Redlands and Upland, CA, we offer a number of anti-wrinkle fillers and skin care center treatments like Thermage and laser hair removal designed to smooth out the skin for a more youthful appearance. And if the signs of aging are finally starting to catch up to you, we also perform BOTOX treatments.

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Affordable, tolerable, and highly effective, the Velashape II has been the leading cellulite treatment to efficiently minimize the appearance of stubborn rippling skin that may have stuck around after gaining and losing weight, liposuction, child-birth, even unhealthy eating habits, and more.

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Is your skin blotchy or uneven? Are at-home treatments failing to give you the results you desire? Then come to Sheer Beauty Medical Skin Care™ in Redlands, CA and Upland, CA, where our chemical peel options are designed to turn your skin from dull to radiant.

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Our state-of-the-art laser brings the luxury of clears skin without the harsh, invasive approaches to skin care and rejuvenation. From pigmentation to stretch marks and scars to vascular treatments, we are able to produce top-of-the-line results unlike any competitor with fast and easy treatments that bring the least amount of discomfort to clients. 

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About Us

We are the most highly experienced and professional medical spa with locations in both Upland, CA and Redlands, CA. Our highly trained and educated staff has a combined 40+ years of experience in skin care. Sheer Beauty is a medical skin care boutique catering to all aspects of skin care. We offer a full range of products that can correct damage skin as well as enhance your appearance.

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Why Us?

  • Ben J. Childers, M.D. Oversees All Of Our Professional, Licensed Aestheticians
  • Top Brand Names Are The Only Quality Products We Use
  • Our Staff Keeps Up On Certifications & Education
  • Over 40 Years Of Combined Experience

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What's New?

VelaShape™ Benefits You’ll Love!

When it comes to feeling confident and sexy, there’s nothing more annoying than stubborn cellulite. The fact of the matter is, nearly everyone has it, and it’s stubborn for just about everyone, not just you! At Sheer Beauty in Upland, CA, we understand that it can put a damper on confidence and how...

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How To Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a big deal. When you decide that hair removal is perfect for you, and you’ve read all of the benefits of it, it’ll be time for you to schedule your first few appointments. Because hair removal can take anywhere from three to seven appointments, we want you to understand how you...

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Precision, Speed and Predictability

In this day and age, it seems as if everyone has laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is becoming so popular that it has started to be implemented on areas, such as underarms, bikini, face, hands and feet. If you haven’t undergone laser hair removal treatment, then you probably aren’t aware of the...

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